DVM Plus III offers the largest capacity in the industry with 64HP and boasts the highest COP levels. More compact size, with larger capacity, shows the efficiency of the product.
High COP
High efficiency DVM Plus III has improved average cooling and heating COP compared to conventional products and achieved the world’s Top Class energy efficiency

? DHS(Digital Hybrid System) technology increased refrigerant flow rate and evaporation enthalpy difference.
? Wide 8Ø Grooved pipe and G-Fin increased heat exchange efficiency.
? The best BLDC Motor in the industry and Optimum Fan Guard design increased efficiency.

The World’s Largest Capacity
Samsung has achieved world’s largest capacity of 64 HP by combining maximum 4 outdoor units of 8,10,12,14 and 16 HP.
Simultaneous launching of compact and high-efficiency products also provide consumers to variety of choices according to their installation environment. Maximum 64 variety indoor units can be connected together for operation.

? Compact combination (8~64 HP) : Combination with the model requiring the smallest installation space.
? High-Efficiency combination (16~56 HP) : Combination with high-efficiency model.

Improved Heating Performance
Vapor Injection technology has been improved heating performance at a low ambient temperature of -10ºC by 20%.
The Smallest Foot Print Area
Reducing the outdoor unit size, compare to the conventional model, achieved world’s smallest installation space.
Digital Unit Module
Digital Unit Module combination enables the system to alternate compressor operation to prolong each compressor’s life cycle and improves COP with part loads

? Control the compressor capacity precisely.
? Ensure long life cycle by alternating operation of the DVI compressors.
? Improve COP using multiple heat exchangers of outdoor units at part loads.
? System still able to conduct modulation of capacity with other DVI
compressor under emergency operation caused by failure of a compressor.

Display Panel
Display window allow you to check communication/operation status and to modify dip switch conveniently without opening control panel.
The World’s Longest Piping Length
DVM PLUS III has an actual piping length of 200m, with the maximum piping length of 45m from the first branch joint to the last indoor unit, thereby providing convenience and flexibility for installation for commercial buildings. You can get comfortable heating and cooling even with long piping.

› Summary
? The longest piping length : 200m
? Total piping length: 1000 m
? From the first branch joint to the last (farthest) indoor unit : 90 m (with one piping Size Up)

Free Installation
There are no limitation on order of outdoor unit capacity, digital unit and fixed unit when installing the outdoor unit.
External Static Pressure
To respond to a range of different installation environments, DVM PLUS III is designed to be used even in external static pressure of 8 mm Aq.
Automatic Piping Length Recognition
With automatic piping length recognition, installation can be carried out without extra piping length setup(which conventional models have to set up), and perform the optimum operation in accordance with piping length.

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